Recommended Kitchen Installers in Cape Town


Here are three questions people ask themselves when they want to hire a kitchen company:


1. Will a kitchen business give me exactly what I wanted (with peace of mind)

2. Will they overcharge me on materials and services ( because I have no idea how much material cost)

3. I wonder how much it would cost to do it myself?


Here’s how you solve these problems


1. Make sure the company gives you a design of your kitchen and a good one. If they can’t see the picture clearly how can they build it. Another thing. If they use a cheap design program without photo realistic view rendering it tells you just about everything about how they see their quality of services they want to present to their clients…..the end.

2. This can be overcome by getting quite a few quotes from kitchen contractors. Usually people only get 2 or 3 quotes and choose the one on the middle which is fine.  If you’re going to spend money you’ve been planning with for the past 5 years it’s probably best to make the right choice. Getting 3 – 5 quotes will really help you to see what companies charge and help you to make the right decisions.

3. Ok so going the DIY route will save you a ton…period. I mean you can do your own designs, assemble your own kitchen units, install  them…….wait a minute…..back up. You said “do your own designs”? How much experience do you think I have designing kitchens? Sorry I’m speaking in the 1st person here but let’s face the facts of truth and justice. Paying school fees to learn these handy dandy design programs of absolute kitchen design domination can cost you time and money so if you’re up for it then kudos to you. As for the assembling and installation process let’s just say it’s like saying there’s a problem with your car and because you’ve driven a car for 5-10 years and owned one you now know how to replace it’s parts.

Being a veteran at anything costs time and money so why pay either of those when you can do whatever the heck it is you do best and leave other better men to do that job.

Bottom line. DIY is only something you can totally own if you’re a handyman and really good around the house. Sorry for offending all those kitchen bitches but if you can’t impress your wife by changing a 3 point plug, you’re not going to score brownie points by building her dream cooking area.


Ok Mr. Writer Who’s name I don’t know….What now?


Drop me a mail. That’s it.

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Secondly. Installing a kitchen requires a little something called


No kitchen installer is currently loaded for the Cape Town area.

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