Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is an important part of the home and there has been a lot of evolution in bathroom ideas over the years. What was once considered simple is now sophisticated and stylish. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom and it should be impressive to be in. Modern bathrooms are bold, vibrant and full of color. They are spacious and much time and money is invested into having the perfect bathroom. A round sink with laminated edges and a marble countertop helps make your bathroom luxurious and classic. Dark colors in different shades such as beige, gray, brown, cream, ivory or blends of white and brown work perfectly well. Try blending light and dark brown to bring out good contrast. A huge rectangle shaped mirror surrounded with designer lights creates a central attraction for users and it provides good lighting.

The countertop can also make use of granite materials since they are good for surfaces that constantly come into contact with water. It is also tough and it can withstand stains from cleaning liquids or makeup that are in fluid form. Porcelain, ceramic, subway, stone, mosaic, travertine and marble tiles are most common for the bathroom. Ensure that it is spacious since that creates more space to experiment with. Consider window ventilation for aeration purposes and the size of the bathtub. It is good to use different materials for the flooring and wall tiling to have eye variety.

Make use of vanished wood for vanities, storage cabinets and partitions to give the bathroom a homely feel. Whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, what you finally settle on will solely depend with your budget. Create a sensible budget and stick to it ensuring quality material is foremost. Good quality will last longer and require less of fixing.

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