Bathroom Designs

Incorporating a modern bathroom design can give you a more functional and spacious bathroom. Décors and accessories are kept to minimal to keep the bathroom clutter-free and clean. This not only enhances the visual space but also makes it appear larger. Removing clutter and enhancing visual space also provides a more calm and relaxing look than a traditional bathroom overloaded with so many unnecessary things. Elegant bathroom designs can be created with just few well-chosen fixtures, furniture, and accessories.

These days, modern bathroom deigns have three vital components: comfort, style and space. You can create space even if you have a small bathroom. You just need to make good use of storage potential and have a good floor plan. Bathroom vanities is a good idea to implement in modern bathroom design. Some vanities can even be hung and give the room an open feel as floor underneath can be easily seen.

When choosing vanities, you get a really wide choice in terms of shapes and designs. A good bathroom vanity is large enough to accommodate things you need to store in the space but not too obtrusive and bulky that it is already taking too much space in the room. Style, which is also an important element in modern bathroom designs can be achieved with modern bathroom vanity as most of them are already decorative pieces.

There are plethora of bathroom designs on the market that can delight both young and old, female or male. You can also design your bathroom according to the usage or preferred theme. A bathroom can have a suite or a shower cubicle depending upon the available space and needs of the homeowner. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you should first identify the preferred bathroom design. Makeover can be challenging if electric wiring and water pipes are involved.


Good bathroom designs must incorporate all necessary accessories besides the main components for bath or shower. These may include sinks, curtains, and taps as well as toiletry racks and hangers.

All these accessories should compliment the main bathroom components and its furnishings such as floor and wall tiles to ensure a bathroom is beautiful and elegant yet functional. In fact, bathroom can also include special features such as modern electric gizmos and electronic gadgets for the convenience of users while in bathroom. Some users like to have a TV and phone in bathroom to stay connected with the world.

Aside from gadgets and accessories, you can also add lighting fixtures to make your bathroom more comfortable and inviting. Lighting not only creates visibility but also enhances ambience of the room. You can also install dimmer to set the mood for your room according to your preference.

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