About Us

We started JRKitchens to supply the South African consumer with the best quality workmanship, materials and service and all that at affordable prices. We are very transparent with our services and tell our clients exactly what they get for the money they layout.

We don’t believe in using cheap materials like hardware and low grade chipboard as hardware will have allot of where and tear on it and most of our carcasses are made of chipboard so the quality needs to be of the highest standard.

Our kitchen installers also have over 4 years experience which is the minimum required to actually qualify as a veteran in the kitchen industry. We don’t take chances with our clients hard earned money and make sure they get every bang for their buck.

Our designers also have over 5 years designing experience and work with one of the top design programs in the world. Our software renders 3D designs of such high resolution you won’t be able to see the difference between it and a actual real life photo of your kitchen when it’s done.

Our sales force is highly motivated to take care of our customers needs from start of the project to completion. We believe service is the water that makes the plant grow and this has planted our roots deep enough to thrive through recessions and storms.

So get in contact with us and let us help you build your dream kitchen or bathroom.



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